What the Spa industry is talking about.

Welcome to Buzz, a luxury collection of natural body treatments, finely crafted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

First class spa experiences incorporate only the use of premier treatment products. This fact became the inspiration behind Buzz. Created by a spa professional with years of experience, Buzz has quietly become the favored product line in some of the country’s most successful spas and retreats.

Keen awareness that only the purest ingredients would produce superior results became, and is, the basis for our signature line, The Honey Collection and for every other original Buzz Collection.

Buzz Collections are incredibly effective, using only pure ingredients such as raw honey from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, sea salts from an ancient sea bed near the Great Salt Lake, French lavender, Italian lemon and Japanese Peppermint. Painstaking care has been taken in gathering all our natural ingredients.

Healthy, soft and supple skin is easy to maintain with professional and home use of your favorite Buzz Collection. Start now and turn your everyday body treatments into an all-natural healing experience.

*Buzz’s “No” policy: Buzz products contain no fillers, no artificial ingredients, and no artificial colors. No animal testing, just spa testing!


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